Have a trade show coming up?

We offer the following professional business services:

Trade show attendance - Finding products that meet your requirements, meeting with clients. Some of these shows in China are huge, even with the best planning its difficult to see everybody and every item. Hire us and we will drastically improve the quality of your business trip. Get more done, and have time to actually enjoy a tourist attraction for the day instead of work.

Trade show booth work – watching your booth, collecting business cards, and giving out general information about your products – while you meet with your most important clients,  sleep in your hotel room, go shopping, etc. We will answer your calls in a professional manner and if requested voice record all incoming calls so that you don’t miss a thing even in a botched misinterpretation… you hear the original call.

Why fly your staff here? When you can have a professional staff here for half the cost – doing your grunt work while you take the day off or get more important work accomplished.

It’s like having your own living breathing human robot or army of robots that will do everything that you would have done yourself, now outsourced at a fair market price.


Jacobs and Company, LLC.

Based in Taipei, Taiwan – doing business throughout the region.

For companies around the world doing business with China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Save money and time, hire one of our fluent English & Mandarin professional sourcing agents to act on behalf of your company.

We act like your “Eyes and Ears” to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible on what ever it is you are looking to import to your home country.

We also offer many more professional services: Product and Shipment inspections, quality control, product sourcing, price negotiations.